Gyft 2.0.8

Send digital gift cards to your friends


  • Easily log in with Facebook
  • Simple to send friends digital gift cards
  • Tons of retailers
  • Birthday and expiry notifications


  • Slow and buggy
  • Doesn't support loyalty cards


Gyft is a shopping application for Android that allows you to send your friends and family digital gift cards.

Buying a piece of plastic to give to someone with a digital cash amount seems is a bit archaic. Gyft sets out to fix that by making gift cards all digital. You can even add your existing physical gift cards to Gyft so it can act as a database of all your different gift cards.

When it's time to redeem a card, all you have to do is open up Gyft, find the card and it'll bring up a barcode that can be scanned. Some gift cards can be used with online retailers. Simply enter in the gift card code to use it with that site.

Since Gyft is a new app, it exhibited some performance issues and bugs. Overall performance of the app is quite slow. The app takes several seconds to launch. Tapping on a card lags a bit too as it struggles to animate.

I was also disappointed to see that Gyft doesn't support a database of loyalty cards like Key Ring. The addition of loyalty cards would only make sense as you can pull up the loyalty card and the gift card to use at once, helping you gain points for that store.

Gyft's giving feature is easy to use but its lack of support for membership cards and performance issues provide a mediocre user experience.



Gyft 2.0.8

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